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  • "It has been life changing" Sarah has given me a course of Amatsu and visceral Balances- I was struggling with cramping in my abdominal area, breathing restriction and menstrual cycle pulls. With the work Sarah did, I have recovered from these completely and it has been life changing. Thank you immensely! Clare Heal, Cardiff
  • "My stomach now feels calm, quiet and so much more comfortable" I’m so grateful to Sarah and the difference that Amatsu is making to my digestive problems. The symptoms I’ve been suffering include bloating, discomfort after eating, a persistent grumbling and growling stomach plus acid reflux and indigestion. For so long, I have been blaming diet and lifestyle but since having Amatsu, I can only describe the results as amazing. My stomach now feels calm, quiet and so much more comfortable. I will of course continue to be mindful of diet, exercise and stress levels but I’m delighted to know that I can rely on Sarah, Amatsu and Visceral Manipulation to solve my gut issues as well as maintaining the comfort and efficient working of my digestive system. Lynn Hoare, Cardiff
  • Relief from migraine I have a collagen defect which causes problems with the lymphatic system, the vascular system, with all digestive processes, causes low energy, frequent physical limitations and debilitating migraines. It cannot be cured but Amatsu and specifically the treatment I have regularly with Sarah has helped me manage my condition. Thankfully I have been able to reduce the quantity of medication I take as a result of her intervention. I find I get a marked increase in the number and severity of migraines when I am unable to go. Thank you Sarah, you’ve helped me tremendously. Hannah Lou Walters, Cardiff
  • "Amatsu has given me the confidence to exercise again" I was having a few issues with my lower back. I was unable to surf or go to the gym and the symptoms were stopping me from doing that. Almost immediately from having the first Amatsu session I noticed a massive improvement straight away with my flexibility and ability to exercise and not have pain the next day. Before Amatsu, if I went surfing it would take me 5 days to recover using icing and Ibruprofen and that. Now it’s given me the confidence to exercise, like I’ve gone surfing 3 days in a row and I haven’t been able to do that since my early twenties. I’d tried other conventional treatments which were effective at the beginning when I first had my pain. It alleviated the symptoms but it would come back very quickly. I would recommend Amatsu to anyone whose got symptoms such as muscle pain, back problems- boys, girls, men women, anyone would benefit. Rory Greenland. Pencoed
  • “My chronic pain has been alleviated” Visiting Sarah at her clinic for the first time was for me quite a leap of faith: I knew very little about Amatsu therapy and was unsure what to expect. I was very quickly put at my ease, however, and made to feel relaxed and comfortable by Sarah right from the initial assessment and throughout all my subsequent treatments. I feel more confident with each session that Sarah knows and understands my body – its strengths and weaknesses. After several sessions Sarah has helped me in many ways: alleviating chronic pain; helping me to breathe more freely; and relieving crippling tension in my neck and shoulders – as well as being a great listener! It really is a truly holistic therapeutic process in a safe and comfortable space and I recommend anyone living with any pain, discomfort or chronic conditions such as myself to book an assessment with Sarah without hesitation. Rachel Hazlewood, Cardiff.
  • "My reflux problem is a lot better". Thanks to you and your amazing Amatsu treatment and Visceral Manipulation my gastro-oesophageal reflux problem is a lot better. With your treatment, support and advice I have been able to manage it without taking my medications from the GP. Thank you, Sarah. Rosy Greenwood, Cardiff.

“Amatsu Therapy has given me back a quality of life and Sarah has kept me mobile”

I first went to visit Sarah not really expecting too much as I had tried a number of alternative remedies for pain and nothing really worked well. I was a bit sceptical after the first couple of sessions. Now I sincerely COULD NOT MANAGE WITHOUT HER. Amatsu Therapy with Sarah has given me back a quality of life and she has kept me mobile.
I suffered with chronic pain as a result of Sciatica and swollen ankles for about four years. It was manageable initially but became unbearable. Every treatment in the NHS had failed to help. After about 6 to 8 weeks of seeing Sarah fortnightly my Sciatica started to ease and by 10 weeks I had no Sciatica, the pain had completely gone and no swollen ankles. After nine months it has still not returned.
Sadly while I was in pain with Sciatica, it was masking a separate pain in my right hip which turned out to be severe Arthritis, with x-rays showing no cartilage left in the joint and I need a hip replacement. Back to chronic pain. Sadly I have to wait a year for that so decided to continue with Sarah. While she can’t cure Arthritis she certainly helps with my pain. I see her fortnightly without which I have no doubt what so ever that I would be in a wheelchair.

The human body is an interconnected system and not only has Sarah treated my pain but healed others parts of my body that had become, shall I say tangled/upset as a result of others parts suffering i.e. my Sciatica causing me to walk almost S shaped.
I highly recommend Sarah and Amatsu to anyone not only in pain but to help in resetting the body’s systems. It does take time and with perseverance the results are well worth it.
To those of you who are shy when it comes to your person, like myself, be reassured Sarah has made me feel welcome and relaxed every time I have seen her and I intend to continue. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Shiona Macrae, Bridgend.

“I no longer have daily pain”

Before Amatsu therapy with Sarah I was in a lot of discomfort- on a daily basis. I have hyperflexed joints and the various stresses and strains that my body has experienced- including a difficult pregnancy and symphysis pubis dysfunction- had left me misaligned and uncomfortable. Built up insoles in my shoes had helped correct the pronation of my feet and legs and Chiropractic treatment had rid me of the worst of the pain, but my daily experience was still one of discomfort- sometimes intense pain. The treatment I have had with Sarah has worked on the whole of my body to release and realign muscles and ligaments. After only one treatment, I felt dramatically better. After a few months of weekly treatments the whole of my body felt renewed. I now realise how much daily pain I was in- as I no longer feel it. I have been able to throw away my insoles and be much more active. I have not needed to see my Chiropractor. I strongly recommend Amatsu to anyone facing similar issues. I can say with all sincerity that it has changed my life.

Emma Jo McDonald, Penarth

Help for Plantar Fasciitis

I started going for Amatsu treatment in 2016, on the recommendation of a friend. I found it a relaxing way to spend an hour. I was then 72 and walked 4 miles daily as well as attending dance classes and workshops. However, there were two occasions when these activities resulted in painful side effects. I began to experience discomfort under my heel when walking. I had ‘Plantar Fasciitis’, which is basically caused by wear and tear and is common in older people who continue to be physically active. It was Sarah who really ‘nailed’ the problem and the consequent treatment resulted in faster repair of any damage.
The second activity related injury I sustained was after a very energetic dance workshop. My right knee swelled up and was very painful. I couldn’t figure out while that was so, as I was not a prayer-full person! Sarah quickly identified the problem as originating in the hip. This made sense when I reflected on the floor activities I’d participated in. Once again, appropriate treatment resulted in a very satisfactory outcome!
A year on and I am – thankfully – still physically and mentally active. I’m lucky to have good health and I’d hate to have to slow down. Thanks to Sarah and Amatsu, I now see my treatment sessions as essential maintenance to keep my moving parts running smoothly. After all, I service my car regularly to avoid problems in the future so why not do the same for myself? After all, I’m worth it!

Olivia Jones, Cardiff

“My breathing has 100% improved”

I contacted Sarah after a recommendation from one of my yoga students.  I had been suffering with a sore chest which was impacting my breathing and nothing seemed to be helping.

Sarah and Amatsu have made a real difference to the pain I was experiencing.  Managing to not only ease the discomfort but also explain what was happening in my body and what I could do to help with the pain too.

I cannot recommend Sarah enough.  She really takes her time to get to know you and help you understand your body and what is going on.  I now have the confidence to exercise again and my breathing has 100% improved.  Thank you Sarah.

Lucy Clementston-Mills, Cardiff

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