The Buteyko method is taught over 5 weekly sessions lasting approximately 1 hour.

Training sessions can be offered on line with zoom or in person at my clinic in Cardiff. There is no- hands on manipulation involved in the training.

Sarah’s Buteyko Breathing sessions are a safe, nurturing space to explore all the dynamics of breathing and will give you a life long tool kit to live a calmer, healthy life.

One to one Buteyko Breathing sessions are tailor -made for individual learners with a PDF copy of the book, an App to keep us in touch daily and monitor your progress. Each week exercises are given to practice as well as advice about sleep hygiene, help to manage a panic attack, how to clear a blocked nose, help to manage an asthma attack. In between sessions support is also offered by e-mail.

To find out if you the Buteyko breathing method is for you, I offer a free Zoom consultation taking a half hour. You will then be sent a case history form to gain more in depth information about your condition. The cost for 5 hour long sessions is £150. Two follow up sessions a month a part are advised at a cost of £35 each.

Group sessions on zoom or in person post Covid 19 are offered to health/fitness/education organizations. Places are limited and cost is on application.

Buteyko is not a replacement for any medications you may currently be taking. Please consult with your doctor if you wish to review your medication following the training.

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