About me


I first encountered Amatsu as a result of a fall which subsequently led to a frozen shoulder.  In chronic pain, unable to work for 6 months and after seeking help from seven different health professionals, I eventually discovered Amatsu. After two sessions, Clare Heal my Amatsu practitioner  relieved my symptoms  significantly and finally I saw light at the end of the tunnel.   I became fascinated by a treatment that was so effective and that addressed my whole body rather than just my shoulder.

Amatsu enabled me to live my life without pain, to feel energized, breathe more deeply and eventually drive my car and return to work.  My return to health awakened in me a new found body awareness, which led to a fervent interest in anatomy and physiology.  As a result of a journey that began with an accident, I took the decision to embark on a 2 year course at the Amatsu Training School in Hertfordshire, qualifying with Distinction.

After working for over 25 years as a Speech and Language Therapist in the NHS, I made the life changing decision  to give it up and focus all my energies on practising  Amatsu full time.  I am committed to helping ease pain and increase the well being of others with injury-related, chronic or lifestyle conditions.

Visceral Manipulation
Since qualifying I have been doing further training at the Barral Institute in Scotland. This technique gently mobilises organs in the body such as the stomach, liver, gall bladder, and the intestines. By so doing it can improve functioning of a stagnant organ and effect digestive symptoms such as gastro-esophageal reflux, stomach bloating and discomfort, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation and pain in the abdomen. Poorly functioning organs can also have a knock on effect on the musculo- skeletal system causing seemingly unrelated symptoms such as shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain and headaches. If you have had abdominal surgery, such as an appendectomy or a Cesarean section, this can cause adhesions deep in the tissues. In other words, the layers of tissue can stick together and over time can manifest as seemingly unrelated problems in the body. Visceral manipulation can pin point where the stagnation lies and release these adhesions, restoring healthy function. I

Sarah Barnes. Member British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

Amatsu Practitioner Level 2

Member of Amatsu Therapy International (UK) LTD